the [wo]man behind the lens


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My name is Mary Beth Barlow and I am the creator, photographer and dreamer behind Carolina Gypsy.

I was born and raised in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, where I still live with my three dogs: Ali, Riggins and Champ (my life is a traveling circus, I tell ya).
I graduated from Appalachian State University with a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice, and from the School of Life with a PhD in Sarcasm, Movie Quotes and Reality TV.

I’m a free spirited, dreamer disguised as a Criminal Law Paralegal.
I’m a huge advocate for Taco Tuesdays, pit bulls and leaving major life decisions up to the fate of a Magic 8 Ball and I 150% prefer my puns intended.

Carolina Gypsy was created while I was in college as a creative outlet for when the black & white of the law got to much to handle. It was created for the girl who dances to the beat of her own drum.

If you need me, you can probably find me screaming at a football game, answering the questions on Family Feud, or blasting inappropriate music at inappropriate times
(or there’s a contact page, whatever blows your dress up).

Get in touch – I would love to shoot & vibe with you!
Wander in Wonder, Gypsies

Image 5-10-18 at 11.48 PM