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Lifestyle photography is exactly that - photography meant to capture your lifestyle. I strive to not only capture a specific time in your life, but to capture your feelings, your personality and the special (sometimes unnoticed) moments. This is how i've created my signature candid style and why I continue to shoot this way.
Dance in a field.
Wear your fancy clothes in the river.
Be you. Be true.
Tell your story.


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Maybe this is tough love but once you start to use professional, high-quality images and you see the growth and change in your business - you'll thank me. Hiring someone (who does photography for a living) to do the images for your brand - whether it's for your website, your blog or even social media - elevates your brand. It also adds a nice, professional, and luxe feel to your brand. This shows your audience that you care and have put effort into your brand.



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Planning a wedding is hard. There's millions of questions, and options and choices and choosing who to document your special day shouldn't be stressful. Your wedding day will be a whirlwind, so it's my job to document and capture the love, the energy and the details of the day that you forgot about. I want you to have a tangible memory of your day to help you feel and relive your day for years and years to come.


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The first step in starting a badass brand is a logo that stands out and leaves a lasting impression.

Carolina Gypsy Co. will work with you directly to find your vision, build it and bring it to life.

Once we've got the ideas flowing, CG will work with you to create all the different logo variations and submarks needed to take your brand to the next level!


A full brand build will set you up to bring the brand of your dreams to life + start it out with your best foot forward.

Brand builds are a collaborative effort between you and Carolina Gypsy Co. to bring your vision to life and set you up with a solid foundation to the start of your new brand!

This package sets you up  with custom logos, custom color ways, typography that matches your vision, mood boards, launch graphics + more!

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