I'm Mary Beth, 
the storyteller.

+ i'm so excited you're here!

we all have a story to tell - I want to help you tell yours

Hello, Good Morning! I'm Mary Beth and i'm stoked that you are here. I've been studying the art of photography for over ten years, but truthfully can't remember a time when there wasn't a camera in my hand. I'm from a small town in the Mountains of North Carolina where there's more cows than people and honestly - I wouldn't have it any other way. 

I'm a late twenty-something just trying to figure out how to be an adult while still marching to the beat of my own drum. I grew up on a farm and there's a good chance if you can't find me, i'm in a field somewhere talking to a cow, or sitting on a hill dreamin'. 

My love language is charcuterie + red wine, a warm chocolate chip cookie and long range views.  A love of nature and all things wild + free has definitely bled into my style + art. As a natural light photographer, I pride myself on capturing all things wild + free in their truest and rawest forms. I believe that magic can be found anywhere and it's my job (+ privilege) to find it, capture it, and when necessary - to create it.

With that - welcome to my world. It's full of laughter, love, good dogs, loud music + spicy margs. 




my pack of mutts //
ali, riggins & champ


windows down, loud music
& my bff's


spicy margs + mexican food
Charcuterie + red wine


leopard print


film + polaroids

Our mission at Carolina Gypsy Co. is to make everyone feel confident + empowered. It doesn't matter if it's a session of you, you and your partner, or even just a quick session to elevate your business - when you're in front of my lens, I want you to feel like you're ready to face the world head on.

While shooting, I don't take photos of poses. I strive to capture the emotion, the mood, the moments between the poses. The raw feelings shared between you and your partner, you and your family or just you and your pup.

Just like when we're trying to get a cute shot for the 'gram, I prefer the natural, candid magic of everyday life. I mean, it's rare we have a prom photo hanging above our mantle for 20 years, ya know? I want to create that photo that you DO have hanging up there for the next 100 years. 

we all have a story to tell -
i want to help tell yours.

let's create magic.


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